10 Albums that Made Me

Some music defines us as human beings. There are artists who wouldn’t have picked up their instruments without listening to the likes of ‘The Beatles’, ‘Nirvana’ or ‘The Rolling Stones’. So not everyone might care what albums made me personally but I do so I thought I would write a top 10 post about the albums that Made Me.

Name: Dan

Age at time of writing: 23

1 – Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Imagine, if you will, an 8 year old or something over his grandparents house digging through his fathers vinyl collection and being completely stumped at what this massive large black discus thing was. Turns out it was the first metal record that I ever heard. The opening rain, thunder and bells of the title track hooked me into the doomy riffs of Mr Iommi. ‘Black Sabbath’ is where it all started for me, this is why this sits at number 1. They continued to be a regular band on my playlists and I even got the chance to see ‘Heaven and Hell’ with Ronnie James Dio in 2005/6, but nothing could compare to seeing them on the final ever date of the ‘final ever tour’ in Birmingham.

2 – Busted – Busted

This one is far more believable for a young chap listening to music. This was the first album that I can remember listening to everyday for months, learning all the words and following ‘Busted’ as a band. When listening to ‘Year 3000’ for the first time I was instantly blown away with this pop/rock. It was around this time that I wanted to play an instrument myself, so I started the drums. Much to my neighbours dislike… Of course, the band went onto split after two studio and one live albums. I had managed to see them on the ‘Present for Everyone Else Tour’ but I was elated to have them back on the comback tour and then of course, the release of ‘Night Driver’, they have now been a band longer than they were the first time around. YAY!

3 – Green Day – American Idiot 

After the demise of ‘Busted’, I was in the car with my Dad and Radio 1 were raving about the return of this mighty US rock band. Having never heard of them before I had my mind blown by the anti Bush regime song that was ‘American Idiot’, of course at the time I just liked how it sounded but as I got older I learnt what a rock opera was and learnt the majority of the album on another instrument, the guitar, which I continue to play to this day. ‘Green Day’ quickly became my favourite band and I have been fortunate to see them 3 times since listening to them for the first time.

4 – MUSE – Black Holes and Revelations 

Bought for me by a family member, I had never heard of ‘MUSE’ before. How happy I was that I was given the opportunity to listen to them as a gift. This was the first time that the words Guitar God entered my little mind. Matt Bellamy’s complex riffs and his falsetto range brought me into a whole new world of music that I had not listened to before. Moving forward, ‘Knights of Cydonia’ remains in my top 5 songs ever to this day. I also learnt this on guitar when I became confident enough to attempt to play that ending riff.

5 – Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone 

Most people have ‘Iowa’ on their list of top 10 but since this was the first ‘Slipknot‘ album that I actually owned, this is on the list. Since then I have gone through the back catalogue and been fortunate to see them live twice. Getting into ‘Slipknot’ at this time in their career and my life was acceptable. Back in the day I imagine it was seen as devil worship and you were probably shunned for liking such a heavy band. being as they now have a massive commercial following I am glad I did get into them when I did.

6 – Pink Floyd – The Wall 

Having watched the film with my Dad a few times, this album has become a personal favourite. Mostly because it was the first type of film/album mix that I had come across. ‘Comfortably Numb’ is known for its incredible solo and yes, that’s why the album is on the list. Dave Gilmour is another world renowned musician that makes the guitar look an easy instrument to play, what a fibber. The themes of The Wall hit me much more as an adult. Therefore I tend to listen to it, in its entirety a few times a year.

7 – Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour 

Studying Music Tech A-Level meant playing around with synths and I was introduced to ‘Shikari’ by a fellow student. I think ‘Destabilise’ was the first track I heard so I was leant this album for a full taste. The opening of the album, ‘System..Meltdown’ is a personal favourite track. I saw the band thrice on this album cycle and they have remained a band that I have followed and invested in since. They continue to produce heavy and other different styles music that I can relate to, but this is where it all started for me. “And still we will be here… standing like statues”

8 – AC/DC – Highway to Hell 

I have no idea where to start with this one. I keep looking at the order of this list and I am ashamed it is at number 8, but ‘AC/DC’ do sometimes sound the same across albums (cowers from onslaught). After seeing ‘School of Rock’ for the first time and hearing those hallowed words, “For Those About To Rock, we salute you” this was a band I knew I could enjoy. Having a Dad who grew up on these records helped, there was no issue with blasting any of their albums at full blast. ‘If You Want Blood (You Got It)’ still gets me pumped and head-banging after the 1000th listen. I will never forget securing my tickets to see them on the ‘Rock or Bust’ tour a few years back, sadly without Malcolm but still with Brian and Angus. A ‘Highway to Hell’ poster was proudly hung on my wall until a few years ago.

9 – Trivium – In Waves 

This is maybe not a huge stand out album for many people but this album and band helped me through some horrid times. I had moved away to university which I hated and I would tend to listen to ‘Trivium’ on my way back home. Not sure why now but I clearly enjoyed them. So I associate this band with going back to see loved ones for a short amount of time but then going back to the hellish decision I had made. Thankfully that era came to an end when I left Stafford and started at a University closer to home. This band has remained one that I still enjoy to follow and regularly listen to. It does sometimes remind me of worse times but it makes me grateful of how things actually turned out. I also like the “EGGGGGG WHIIIIIITES” miss-heard lyrics of the title track.

10 – Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People 

This is another odd one as I would like to include more than one ‘Frank Turner‘ album, but that would be cheating but around the release of this album is where most of what I will write about took place. I have a connection to Mr Turner as he kindly took the time to send me a personal video to help me with my proposal to my now fiancée. Hopefully she would have said yes regardless but the personal touch from one of her favourite singers was obviously a plus. We have both seen Frank 3 or 4 times together at both festivals and his own headline shows. We even met the man himself on this album cycle, hence why it is on the list, he knew who we were when we told him about the video and he was kind enough to sign our poster which takes pride of place in our flat. The album itself though has songs that both pick you up and make you feel every emotion under the sun. ‘Get Better’ reminds me that things will get better if you have the right person behind you to give you a little push in the right direction.

So that’s it, My Top 10. I appreciate it if you took the time to read my ramblings and if you didn’t then that’s cool too, I doubt you are reading this bit anyways.

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