Haggard Cat – Common Sense Holiday Album Review

  • Released: March 13, 2020
  • Label: Earache

The Nottingham duo are back to make our heads bang with their following album ‘Common Sense Holiday’. This time Tom and Matt are here to make a stance against the world with their riffs and beats.

Opening with the ferocious ‘First Words’ you know ‘Haggard Cat’ are not here to f-about on this record. It’s riff just gets you head banging straight out of the gate. Oh and they also have their pal ‘Jamie Lenman’ lending some vocals.

They then take us into ‘European Hardware’ which is upbeat and contains a great message. The song incorporates recent political themes, Brexit and Trump, and they even locked themselves into a breezeblock tomb for 24hrs for the music video to represent what the songs about.

‘Show Reel’ couples boneshaking (see what I did there?) riffs with a message of speaking your mind. Just speak, get it out there. It may be complicated but it’s important to speak. ‘Time’ is a highlight on this record. The use of a vocoder on a gritty rock record is a nice touch and adds a new layer to the arsenal of sonic assault. ‘Cheat’ also brings in a friend of ‘Haggard Cat’, Mr Will Gardener of the phenomenal band ‘Black Peaks’. You’ll hear his sexy Sax solo and one or two cheeky screams from the man.

Rounding off the record with ‘Ghost Already’ brings the record to an anthemic close with a message of we look at screens too much and are constantly seeking validation.

With ‘Common Sense Holiday’ being as powerful as their debut album, ‘Haggard Cat’ are proving that they are here for the long run and that they aren’t a one trick kitty.

If the world allows it, you can catch the band on tour in early 2021.


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