2019 in music, a retrospective

The last year of the decade saw the release of some incredible music. It saw Tool release their first album in thirteen years, Rammstein exploded back onto the scene after a 10 year album drought and Bring Me The Horizon released their newest record, amo. In this article we will take a brief look back at some of our favourite releases.

Slipknot – We Are Not Your Kind

  • Released: August 9, 2019
  • Label: Roadrunner

The masked Iowans made their triumphant return to the world in the latter half of 2019. We Are Not Your Kind mixed in styles of all of Slipknots 24 year career whilst also dabbling with some experimental tracks. The record was met with critical acclaim and it even earnt the band a number one album in the UK. It was the bands second number one album, Iowa topped the charts back in 2001. Slipknot managed to knock Ed Sheeran off the top spot where his album sat for four weeks. No easy feat.

The album is a masterclass in Slipknot, it kicks you in the teeth and asks if you want more. It is a record to listen to in order though as some of the more experimental tracks do sound out of place if they’re not heard between the relevant songs. If you want to see what Slipknot are all about, give WANYK a spin.


Bring Me The Horizon – amo

  • Released: January 25, 2019
  • Label: Sony, RCA

Sheffield metal core outfit, BMTH, released their long await sixth studio album early in the year. The long awaited follow up to That’s The Spirit divided fans. To some it was their best record to date, others wished they went down a similar sonic route as Sempiternal. Kerrang described the record as “varied”, “free”, “weird” and “mental”. This is a very valid description in Kerrangs defence. Gone of the days of the high screams and blast beats, the band took a very clear new direction with amo.

Oli Sykes has commented that amo is a concept album about love, as “Everything boils down to love in the end”. Sykes also said that some of the lyrical content concerns his divorce. Its not an album for fans of the bands heavier side but its an essential listen in today’s metal climate.


Rammstein – Untitled

  • Released May 17, 2019
  • Label: Universal Music

The pyromaniacs are back after a ten year break from releasing an album and boy is it a blast. We have a full review of the album over here so we will keep this one short. The album is dark, industrial and full of head banging riffs which is everything we’ve come to expect from the German six piece.


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