Royal Republic – Trinity Centre Bristol

  • Date – 28th October 2019

Swedish rock outfit ‘Royal Republic’ finally make it to the UK for their ‘Club Majesty’ tour. The tour was originally set to begin in January of 2019 was postponed to later in the year. Citing “scheduling problems surrounding the recording and release of our new album” the band pushed the tour to later in the year. Since that announcement the band released their next album, ‘Club Majesty’, and even made an appearance at Download 2019. Thankfully the tour rolled around and boy was it fun…

Blackout Problems

This German opening act drew a good sized crowd considering this was a Monday night. It must be said that their musical style was a little jarring as it moved from your standard rock with some screaming elements to electronic rock. Sure, it’s a talent that the band can write both styles of music but it seemed very distant from each other live. Coupling the contrast of styles with the high-kicks of the lead guitarist it was really difficult to know what to focus on during the performance. It’s difficult to review this band as they were able to control the crowd well, it’s just that their music didn’t quite stack up to their showmanship. You can catch ‘Blackout Problems’ in the UK next year on their headline tour.

Royal Republic

The band took the stage in their flattering Golden Gold jackets and opened with ‘Fireman and Dancer’ off ‘Club Majesty’. It’s safe to say that the Trinity Centre was ready for a party. There was dancing, there was jumping and there was the odd moshpit. It was safe to say that ‘Royal Republic’ were here to rock the city on the cold Monday evening. With such high energy from the band it was impossible not to get sucked into the moment along side the front-man Adam Grahn, who would regular tell us between tracks how good he was. Of course, this is all part of the ‘act’, at least it seemed like it. The band played with the same velocity thorough the whole set through ‘Getting Along’, ‘Underwear’ and into fan favourite ‘Full Steam Spacemachine’. There was even a ‘Jump‘ and ‘Final Countdown’ interlude from Jonas Almén on the keytar. The thing with ‘Royal Republic’ is that they are perceived as a ‘jokey’ band and that is not helped with their synchronised Shadows guitar moves on stage but it proves how musically talented they actually are. The band continued to play a perfect mix of new and old material. They even invited a fan up onto the stage during ‘Tommy Gun’ on the guarantee that the fan could play guitar, sadly, they could not. Still, it made for an amusing interaction between Adam and the lucky fan. During the encore you could see that the band had started to deplete their energy resources. They asked the crowd if we enjoyed metal, in which the response was an almighty Bristolian roar. The next question was ‘Metallica‘ of ‘Maiden’, it seems that the people of Bristol are‘Maiden’ fans. The band then started playing ‘Fear of the Dark’ before finally finishing their sweaty sweaty set on ‘Baby’ from ‘Weekend Man’.

The end of the set was met with raucous applause. This was a long awaited tour for both the Swedes and the British fans. The band continued to dance around on stage to the playback and shook the hands of pretty much anybody who would lend them their hand. This was a sell out performance from start to finish and hopefully ‘Royal Republic’ are back on UK soil sooner rather than later.

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