Our Top 5 Spooky Bands

It’s Halloween! Here are our Top 5 Spooky Bands for the occasion.

5 – Ghost

This is a band that generates quite the citicism in the rock and metal community but you cannot deny that they bring some doomy riffs alongside some sinister lyrics. Also, the ‘image’ of the band is one that worships Satan instead of the Holy Trinity so there is that also…

4 – Lordi

Finnish Eurovision Winners look pretty darn scary if you ask us. They’ve also got a number of horror movies under their monstery belts, The Kin, Dark Floors and Monsterman (which is an unofficial documentary film). Their music is not the heaviest around but their image definitely shouts SPOOKY!

3 – Black Sabbath

In 1968 this Birmingham based band started a trend. That trend was heavy metal… The band were branded Satanists so we might as well say ‘Black Sabbath’ is the reason why metalheads get called Devil worshipers. The band often made use of the musical tritone, which is also known as the “devil’s interval”.

2 – Slipknot

Ah yes, these masked Iowans were obviously doing to make this list. Famous for their crazy on-stage persona and their use of a nonagram which usually gets mistaken for a Satanist symbol. It actually represents a symbol of unity, loyalty, friendship and remembrance. Isn’t that nice? Still, their music is loud, sweary, fast and they look terrifying AF. They make this list with ease.

1 – Mayhem

All of the bands listed thus far have an image or a brand that makes then scary, ‘Mayhem’ is the real deal. This Norwegian black metal outfit has had their fair share of terrifying events over their career. It includes the suicide of their vocalist in 1991 and the murder of guitarist Øystein Aarseth (“Euronymous”) in 1993. The band are still on the go today but with an absolutely batshit scary past.

So that’s our list. Who would make your Top 5 Spooky Bands? Let us know in the comments.

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