Rammstein – Untitled Album Review

  • Released May 17, 2019
  • Label: Universal Music

German industrial metal titans are back with a bang after ten years of no studio album releases . ‘Rammstein’ have even given an added shroud of mystery with album number seven as they’ve not even named the bloody thing! Following the release of ‘Untitled’ the six piece band went out on a mammoth stadium/very large arena tour which has been extended into 2020. The band has also added two new UK dates in 2020, Cardiff and Coventry. Yes, we are going to both! Anyway less about next years concerts, onto the review…

Opening with the first released single ‘Deutschland’ the listener can hear straight away that it is a ‘Rammstein’ record. By that statement I of course mean synths. Synths have formed a quintessential part of the bands epic sonic arsenal through the years. The song goes into some of the darkest depths of the bands homeland but when has this band ever shied away from controversy? The riffs are raw sounding yet effective, again, much like most of ‘Rammstein’ tracks. This track was released with one hell of an epic video.

The next track, ‘Radio’ was the second released single. The song addresses the cultural situation of the German Democratic Republic, in which secretly listening to western radio stations and their music, which were deemed rather illegal by the East German government, was a way to escape the political restrictions imposed on residents. Both ‘Deutschland’ and ‘Radio’ received remixes in their single releases.

‘Auslander’ or Foreigner, its English translation, was the third single, which was also accompanied by a NSFW video. It explores the notion of having a new romance in several countries. The really catchy chorus features Till Lindemann trying to woo women in different languages.

‘Puppe’ is a highlight on the album as it is probably the heaviest and darkest track on the album. The theme surrounds one boy and his ‘Puppe’ (Doll) which he plays with whilst his sister works in the sex trade. The song ultimately ends in the sisters demise which the boy witnesses first hand. It is pretty dark and Lindemann’s gravelly raw growls echo the pain this boy is in.

Other stand out tracks on the album include ‘Zeig Dich’ and the live show opener ‘Was Ich Liebe’. Both are very different songs really but they contrast each other so well on an album that incorporates several different musical techniques but at the same time making it known that you are listening to ‘Rammstein’.

One thing that I think that should be called out is the mix of album. It’s pretty darn great but the attention to the bass specifically is something that catches the ear. It;s quite high in the mix which is nice to hear without it being too overpowering. Listen to ‘Zeig Dich’ and the closing track ‘Hallomann’ and you will see.

‘Untitled’ or ‘Rammstein’, as it has also been stylised, was a very welcomed return to the scene for the German band. Some bands who wait a decade or so to release a new record sometime don’t live up to the hype or the expectation. ‘Rammstein’ managed to deliver another provocative record to add to their essential listening. Will it be another 10 years for album eight? Hopefully not but the ‘Untitled’ era is far from over… See you at the Principality Stadium and the Ricoh Arena in June next year! Tschüss


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