Weird And Whacky Merchandise

Going to a show or listening to a band is usually accompanied with scooping up a piece of merchandise to remember the experience/support the artist. It may be a T-Shirt, a hoodie, a signed vinyl or maybe a set of sex toys! We take a look at some of the weirdest and sometimes wonderful band merchandise that’s been released over years.

1 – Christmas Sweaters

It is a bit of new craze around the festive period. Wear an ugly/knitted sweater. It seems that some bands have jumped on this bandwagon and are offering their own swing on these clothing items.

‘Slayer’, ‘Black Sabbath’ and Guns N’ Roses’ all have released a festive knit. Perfect for spending time listening to that new ‘Slipknot’ record with some turkey.

Image result for band christmas sweaters

2 – Alcohol

Slight tangent here. Back in 2013 ‘Iron Maiden’ released a premium bottled beer under by the name Trooper. Which of course is the name of their 1983 hit. This has gone on to be mass produced and the band has released several other variants since it’s introduction, Trooper Red ‘N’ Black Porter and Trooper Hallowed. Maiden are not the only band who has ventured into this market though. ‘Ghost’ has their Papastrello Italian Red Wine, ‘Motörhead’ have a Shiraz and a Single Malt Whiskey, ‘Rammstein’ has even released a Tequila and a Vodka. So now you can get blatted listening and drinking to the bands you adore.

Rammstein Vodka

3 – Bobble Heads

Ever wanted 6 mini plastic versions of the ‘Foo Fighters’? No…? WHY NOT?
Now you can though, for only $74.99 you can have Nate, Dave, Pat, Chris, Rami and Taylor all stare at you with their cold dead plastic eyes if you are into that sort of thing.

Image result for foo fighters bobbleheads

4 – Tea Towels

Some bands are branching out into kitchenware. At least ‘Enter Shikari’ have! On the latest leg of the UK Stop The Clocks Tour, you can pick up a rather dashing Sparky tea towel. Rather reasonable at £10. Yes, we own one. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS!

5 – Sex Toys!?

Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Marilyn Manson’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Rammstein’ (surprise surprise) are all amongst bands to have released toys to help get your rocks off after a hard days headbanging. Feel free to Google these are your own risk. The ‘Rammstein’ collection was made up of a replica of each band members ‘members’ and the Marilyn Manson’ dildo was complete with Mr Mansons face. What could be creepier… I am off to wash my eyes with bleach.

Have you ever bought some weird merchandise? Let us know!

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