What is acceptable at gigs these days?

Of course, most people go to gigs for the chance to see their favourite band perform some of their biggest hits. So, what is OK to do at these gigs?

1) – Dance – No Brainer

Dance like no one is watching but you may want to remember that people will be watching you at a concert so if you spill their beer or your beer over them. They may have a quiet word about your electric slide.

2) – Mosh – Possibly

This echoes part of number one. Yes, mosh away but use your brain. If it is a Taylor Swift gig then most of the crowd at probably not there to pit. Machine Head though? Rage on brothers and sisters. Just remember the rules of mosh pits…

3) – Take Photos – Possibly

This has been causing debate within the music community over the last few months. With bands like A Perfect Circle banning phones from concerts, is it OK to take pictures at gigs? Well, within reason… After paying £20 to see a band, I believe you should be able to take one or two snaps to remember the show. Just don’t record the entire set, you will never watch it back anyway.

4) – Crowd Surf – Debatable

Most venues shun this. Crowd surfing is part of rock and metal music but it really can be dangerous to both the surfer and the crowd. When clambering over the crowd in front of you, they are not always ready to receive someone heavier than themselves and that can sometimes cause a nasty next injury. It can also injure the surfer if the security doesn’t quite catch you correctly so please surf responsibly.

5) – Smoking- No

A pet hate. Smoking inside a closed space. Bands use dry ice for that hazy effect, it does not need to be added to with the smell of Lambert and Butler. It is also illegal in the UK.

6) – Vaping – Debatable

Smoking indoors is against the against the law and vaping might also be against the policies of the venue. However, does everyone want to smell your second-hand bubblegum vape? Probably not.

7) – Talking – Possibly

Amongst friends, this is bound to happen. Even during quieter songs but please don’t yap throughout an artists speech between songs. Most of us have paid to listen to the people on stage and not listen to you talk about what you are getting from Maccies later on.

8) – Have Fun? – OF COURSE!

That is why we go to gigs. Have fun, but also remember that you are not the only ones there…

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