Frank Turner – Be More Kind Album Review

  • Released May 04, 2018
  • Label: Xtra Mile Recordings

Once again, the hardest working musician in the UK has released another album. Shortly after completing a short tour with ‘Mongol Horde’, Frank has gone back out on the road to support his 7th Studio album, ‘Be More Kind’ which has recently been brought into the world and it has divided fans.

 Opening with the solo chords on an electric guitar, ‘Don’t Worry’ is the first taste of how this album is different to the most of Franks back catalogue. It is however filled with heartfelt lyrics which we have come to expect from a ‘Frank Turner record. ‘1933’ is the first track on the record that employs the full band from the off, this track feels more punk as it’s filled with angsty lyrics and staccato guitar. The title track of the record, ‘Be More Kind’ is a great reminder that Frank knows how to write a song that will get us all thinking. Yes, we should Be More Kind to others, even if it is just smiling at the person who sells you your morning coffee. The next song is a stark change from the previous, ‘Make America Great Again’. Frank is known for loving the USA. He tours there regularly and his albums are also record stateside. This song is Anti-Trump but it is also an anthem for how much he already loves the States. ‘There She Is’ was released on his compilation album ‘Songbook’ but it has found a home on this album. It was written about Franks new partner. Frank is famous for writing sad love songs but this is a positive and hopeful tune. Which is nice as he really does have a lot of sad love songs… so many sad songs. ’21st Century Survival Blues’ can be interrupted as a song for spending the end of the world with your loved ones. With the lyrics revolving around being locked in a fallout bunker with plenty of food after the bombs have gone off. This could also be heard as a response to the worlds current climate around WWIII. This album has many different production changes from previous albums and ‘Common Ground’ is a perfect example of how this a new direction for Frank and co, with it’s electric drum loops and a more electronic sound. Bringing the album to a close, ‘Get it Right’, is mostly Frank on his own with his acoustic guitar which is how Mr. Turner burst onto the circuit. This track does feel a slight anti climatic closer to an otherwise fantastic release.
This album is definitely a new direction for the band but the tracks do mix well with the rest of the back catalogue. The album was about Frank getting out of his comfort zone, he certainly achieved that.

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