Haggard Cat – Rough Trade Bristol

  • Date – 18th April 2018
  • Venue – Rough Trade Bristol
  • Artist(s) – Haggard Cat

Ex-‘Heck‘ (formally known as ‘Baby Godzilla’) have continued their side project of ‘Haggard Cat’. Fresh off a run of support shows with ‘Feed the Rhino’ they are back with their own loud as hell shows. This was their second album release show in a week to support the release of their new album, ‘Challenger’.

Haggard Cat

Around 20 people turned up to see this band in the wild which seemed odd as this band had such a following in the days of ‘Heck’. Jumping up on stage, Matt and Tom address the crowd as friends as they open up with ‘The Patriot’. Being as this is not the first collection of songs that the band has released, a few were played that are only on the bands Soundcloud, ‘Intro’ and ‘Alligator Tightrope’. Two songs which would benefit from a studio re-recording.

Playing their singles ‘Bone Shaker’ and ‘American Graffiti, Matt displays some of the best pedal dancing ever witnessed. Switching between the huge Orange and Fender amps to get an absolutely monster tone from his Gibson Explorer and his other guitar, a Fender Stratocaster. Toms eagle eyed stare at his drum kit was a little unsettling as wood chips flew off his sticks in every direction. Closing their small show with ‘Bad News (Travels Fast)’ the crowd head bangs for the last time of the evening. The band hung around after the show to sign copies of their new record and for a chat, because they are nice chaps. The new album, ‘Challenger’, is out tomorrow (20th April) on Earache Records. It is going to be a massive sounding record.


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