Trivium – O2 Academy Bristol

  • Date – 16th April 2018
  • Venue – O2 Academy Bristol
  • Artist(s) – Trivium / Code Orange / Power Trip / Venom Prison

Winter 2017 was the last time that American metal heads ‘Trivium’ were last on our little island. This time they have brought some hardcore friends along for the ride. Promoting their eighth studio album, ‘The Sin and the Sentence’ the band are here in the UK for around a week to melt our British faces.

Venom Prison

Yes, this time all of the bands on the bill will be reviewed. Unfortunately this should not be the case but it is refreshing to see a female fronted metal band. Larissa Stupars growls and the bands sheer volume was a fantastic way to open the show and set the bar extremely high for the rest of the bill.

Power Trip

This Texan thrash outfit are currently on the road promoting their second studio album ‘Nightmare Logic’. The band was greeted by a packed audience at the O2 that were only too happy to pit to the fast riffs of the band. The band clearly have a following but the ‘Metallica’ esq. riffs and whammy solos did slowly become a tad underwhelming.

Code Orange

Formally known as ‘Code Orange Kids’ this was the support that was the most surprising. The band had made headlines in the past because of their crowd antics are gigs. See this article for more details.

Now, the crowd did not seem to be crowd killing but the bands bassist was stomping around and kicking the air like he was training for the next Kung Fu Panda movie. That being said, their energy and sound was on top form. Reba’s lead guitar playing and with multiple members taking the vocals was an interesting approach to live performance, especially with their drummer, Jami, taking the majority of lead vocal duty.


After three huge support acts it was time for the main event. Entering the stage after a 1800 strong sing along to ‘Run to the Hills’ the band opened with ‘The Sin and the Sentence’, the title track of their new record. Pits opened up left right and centre but with the majority of the concert goers being respectable to the other participants. Matt Heafys signature Epiphone guitar might as well have been on fire with the speed of the riffs that he was playing. Interestingly, Alex Brents drums were also smoking as he blasted the beats for songs such as ‘Betrayer’ and ‘Ascendancy’. With only a few humble words between songs the band had such stamina to play song after song with little rest in-between. Slowing the pace slightly for ‘Until the World Goes Cold’ it gave the crowd a chance to breathe slightly until ‘Becoming the Dragon’ kicks us up a gear again. The bands 3 song encore included ‘Shattering the Skies Above’ and ‘Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr’ before a final singalong and pit to ‘In Waves’.

Overall this was a fantastic value for money concert for £29 + booking fee which brought four huge bands to the Academy for a night of thrash and good times.


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