Alestorm – Motion Bristol

  • Date – 24th February 2018
  • Venue – Motion, Bristol

Piratefest 2018 sailed into Bristol as part of a 15 night audio plunder. Complete with pirates, wenches and mead this was a swashbuckling show. Due to the public pirate ship (First Buses) being very late, the first support act, sadly will not be reviewed.


Captain Yarrface and his merry men brought their debut album ‘The Triumph of Piracy’ to the newly extended Motion venue. Entering the stage to ‘Ahoy!’ the crowd bobbed around like driftwood to the piratey introductions of the band laid out in the song. With only four members in the band, ‘Rumahoy’ create such a large sound with could be heard in ‘Hatian Slam’. Furious blast-beats and steel-drums accompany the gruff captains vocals. Concluding their set with ‘Pirateship’, this was the perfect end to a stellar set by the North Carolina buccaneers.


Complete with their rubber duck on stage, ‘Alestorm’ are the pioneers of pirate metal in the UK. Since forming in 2004 by front-man Christopher Bowes they have toured the world as a headline act and supporting the likes of Turisas, Sabaton and Dragonforce. After releasing their 5th studio album, ‘No Grave But the Sea’ it was time to set sail once again to spread their pirate sounds to the masses. Opening their set with ‘Keelhauled’ (the form of torture where sailor was tied to a line that is looped beneath the ship, thrown overboard on one side of the ship, and dragged under the ship’s keel, either from one side of the ship to the other, or the length of the ship) it was clear that the Bristol crowd were delighted with the return of the Scottish band. Straight into the self titled single ‘Alestorm’ the crowd erupted into mosh pits across the venue. Playing another from their new album, ‘Mexico’, a song about the pirates conquests in the country of the same name it’s themes include alcohol, donkeys and alcohol. The energy throughout the entire set was high from both the band and the crowd. ‘Nancy the Tavern Wench’ saw the majority of the crowd get down on the beer (and rum) soaked floor to row their way to Scotland. Covering ‘Taio Cruz’‘Hangover’ and ending their set with ‘Shipwrecked’, the band played songs across their vast catalogue. This was a crowd pleasing set but it also promoted their 2017 release. Finally, ending their encore on the sweariest finale Motion has probably ever heard, ‘Alestorm’ finally got to tell the crowd what they really thought of them. ‘Fucked With an Anchor’ was met with the 1,300 or so strong crowd screaming “Fuck you, you’re a fucking wanker” back at the stage.

This band has a polished and pristine stage show that is an experience that needs to be seen. Without the gimmicks of some other bands in the same genre, ‘Alestorm’ are fantastic musicians but exhibit rather amusing music and stage antics.






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