A Lesson in Mosh Pit Etiquette

Metal/rock gigs come with its fair share of hazards. Hearing damage, beer down your new top, broken glasses (both spectacles and glassware) but it should never come with serious injuries.

This crap needs to stop…

Going to a metal show is all about the fun and the music. No person should fear that they are going to get seriously hurt in a mosh-pit.

mosh pit

an area in front of the stage at a rock concert, where moshing occurs.

Moshing is defined as “dancing to rock music in a violent manner involving jumping up and down and deliberately colliding with other dancers.” Sadly in recent years an epidemic of ‘crowdkilling/slamdancing’ has broken out. This is the kind of moshing that needs to stop at gigs. It is purely to hurt others around you. No-one is asking participants for a kick or a punch to the jaw. If you are a crowd killer here are some rules for pitting safely and correctly:

  1. Respect other gig goers choice not to be in the pit.
  2. Think about where you arms/legs are.
  3. Think about if you would like a broken jaw or eye socket. If not, don’t throw your arms akimbo, flailing like a catherine wheel that’s let go of its peg.
  4. If someone goes down, stop and scoop them up before a trample occurs.
  5. If someone looks like they’ve had enough, help them out and don’t drag them back in.
  6. Have fun and again, Rule no.1…

Of course pits are ‘aggressive’ by their nature but they are not scraps or actual fights where punches are being thrown at bystanders.

It really is time that these people take a good hard look at themselves. It is no more than basic thuggery. Yes, this article will cause backlash but no one should go to a gig and be in this kind of danger. Just look at these images here…

Wise up, or don’t go to shows… please.

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