Feed the Rhino – The Exchange Bristol

  • Date – 20th February 2018
  • Venue – The Exchange Bristol

After some well earned rest, the Rhino are back on tour following the release of their newest album, ‘The Silence’. This review will look at ‘Haggard Cat’, ‘Bad Signs’ and ‘Feed the Rhino’ as ‘Cove’ unfortunately was missed.


Ex ‘HECK’ members Tom and Matt have continued this side project after the disbandment of their previous band back last year. This new outing follows a similar format of music, loud and destructive. With only a drummer and a guitarist they have a challenge of making a large sound. This is where Matts whammy pedals and fuzz come into play. Huge riffs and beats came from the Nottingham and they filled the room. They played songs from their debut album Challenger’ which is out on the 20th of April. Opening with ‘Bone Shaker’ it is clear that their album is going to be a biggun. Of course HC had songs on Soundcloud but that was just the side-project. Keep an eye on these guys.


This Croydon trio came with a lot riffs up their sleeves. However, stage antics and ‘rockstar moves’ took the attention away from the bands music. That being said, ‘Bad Signs’ were enjoying the show. They did however demand ‘carnage’ and asking guys from the crowd to ‘tear eyes out’. Yes this is tongue in cheek, but let’s not encourage violence at shows. Overall, ‘Bad Signs’ promised ‘Heavy [email protected]#ing Riffs’ and that is what the venue got.


Bouncing onto the stage to open with ‘Featherweight’ the guys from Kent seemed very happy to be out on tour playing shows again. The venue was not at capacity which left quite an open space down the front. This did make for a very intimate gig. Treating the crowd to songs both new and old it was hearing ‘Losing Ground’ live which was the most interesting. One of the softer songs that the band has on their new album, Lee Tobin’s vocals match that of the record. Even after screaming for an hour his clean notes sounded perfect. Playing older songs from Mr. Red Eye’ got the crowd moving but nothing that was deemed too raucous. There was however problems with Oz’s bass during the latter third of the set. With both his primary and his backup head dying, the sound folks used a Direct Input through to the P.A system. Ending the comeback gig with ‘New Wave’, Tobin invited the crowd onto the stage whilst he stood on the floor to finish the set.


Please note, the setlist is incomplete and not in order.



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