Feed the Rhino – The Silence Album Review

  • Released: February 16, 2018
  • Label: Century Media Records

Hailing from Kent, this hardcore metal outfit has been around for eight years and four studio albums. After headlining the second stage at Fat Lip Festival! in July of 2017 their newest offering, ‘The Silence’ has been dubbed a ‘centre ground album’, by critics, but is this a fair comment?

The sultry synth introduction of ‘Timewave Zero’ is a major red-herring as to what the album will shortly offer. As at 41 seconds into the track, a huge and loud riff breaks out to give your ears a right good kicking. Along with Lee Tobins husky and gravely roar this track sets up the album nicely.

‘Loosing Ground’ steps away from the classic ‘Feed the Rhino’ sound slightly, still groovy but soft vocals and clean guitar dominate. It is only in the last third of the song do we get some shouting and distorted tones.

‘All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy’ but it does not make for another soft track. Huge grooves and head-banging rhythms make this song a staple addition to the back catalogue of the band. ‘Nerve of a Sinister Killer’ is the classic sound of the band. More heavy groove, piercing high end guitar and screams all round. Possibly the heaviest song on the album. The title tack ‘The Silence’ is back to a softer introduction and then a gut punch of sound, once again. This may be a more crowd pleasing album but it still carries a punch to the face sound that ‘Feed the Rhino’ are known for.

Be sure to check out our review of their Bristol show this coming Tuesday.



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