Muse – Thought Contagion Single Review

  • Release Date: February 15, 2018
  • Label: Warner Bros

Since the release of their last single ‘Dig Down’ back in May of 2017, Muse have had a pretty busy schedule. Headlining festivals all over the world, including Reading and Leeds here in the UK. Not only have they continued touring during that time, they have recorded and released a new single, ‘Thought Contagion’.

It is safe to say that ‘Dig Down’ divided fans, both casual and hardcore. With its synth sounds and lack of guitar it did stray quite far from the path of the fuzz effects and rock sounds of frontman Matt Bellamy. Their new single contains much more guitar than it’s predecessor, which was not too difficult to achieve, which should set fans minds at rest that Muse are back to making music that all fans should appreciate. There is of course plenty of synth within this single as it is a Muse track. Coupling that with guitar and some piano, it makes a perfect blend.

The chorus has a large group vocal which will sound incredible in an arena of 10,000 fans. The fuzz effects make a comeback in the pre-solo motif which reminds us that Muse can do solos in their songs. Albeit this solo is not as complex as ‘Reapers’ from their 2015 concept album ‘Drones’ but it does have a whammy pedal accompaniment, again a Muse staple.

This single was dubbed “a comeback single”. It would seem that the band clearly have plans to continue with releases but it possibly might not be an album as the band has expressed interest in releasing singles and EPs rather than full length albums.

“I think the industry has changed too much since we started, certainly since we put our first record out. But even in the last five or six years, streaming has become the way that most people seem to listen to music this days and I think that’s affected the way people listen to music.”

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme in an interview with Music Feeds.

Either way, ‘Thought Contagion’ is out now and it is a brand spanking new Muse song, what more could you want?


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