Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone Album Review

  • Released February 09, 2018
  • Label: Metal Blade Records

Fresh off the back of a UK support tour with Möngöl Hörde, the crowdfunded supergroup made of former and touring members of The Safety Fire, The Faceless, Tesseract and Architects return with a cracking new album.

It’s been a busy time for Elliot, Derya, Joaquin, Alex and Morgan since the band formed. On a fairly epic constant touring schedule, with a break early in 2017 to record, that they’ve not really stopped travelling since releasing their Indiegogo-crowdfunded debut ‘A Head Full of Moonlight‘ should have resulted in a sophomore album filled with the sounds of a weary, worn-down band.
You would certainly assume so the moment if you base it on album opener ‘The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking‘. Lush, warm tones give you a sense of a rock band attempting to reign in the raucousness of their first album. But akin to Biffy Clyro’s‘ Living Is A Problem…’, Future of the Left’s ‘Arming Eritrea‘ or even Möngöl Hörde‘s ‘Make Way‘ (a band Good Tiger supported in the UK earlier this year) it is all a rouse. A powerful guitar hook and suddenly you’re thrown headfirst into a full-on album from a group who sound like they’ve only just debuted.
“Strong lyrics and powerful melodies that demand you to listen to it again and again.”
Tracks to listen out for are ‘Blueshift’, ‘Grip Shoes’ and ‘Salt of the Earth’, with  Elliot Coleman’s falsetto cutting through the explosive power emanating through the album.
The main criticism of this album would be that it’s all over too soon: at a svelte 10 tracks, including one instrumental and with no track longer than 4 minutes, a couple of longer pieces would have turned this around. In addition, whilst some tracks are memorable (the hook of ‘Blueshift’ has been ringing around on occasion since I first listened), it can feel like a bit of a blur with the hooks washing over your ears by the end. But with the wash comes some strong lyrics and powerful melodies that demand you to listen to it again and again.
‘A Head Full of Moonlight’★★★☆☆

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