Möngöl Hörde – O2 Institute2 Birmingham

  • Date – 26th  January 2018
  • Venue – O2 Institute2 Birmingham
  • Artist(s) – Möngöl Hörde / Good Tiger / Riskee and the Ridicule

‘Möngöl Hörde’ is Frank Turner (singer, songwriter and all round nice guy) and two of his closest friends in a hardcore band. Frank is known for his folk/rock career with the ‘Sleeping Souls’ so this is his alter ego. Which is actually also not strictly true as he started off his music career in ‘Million Dead’.

Anyway. The gig in question. This was the third time experiencing the madness that is ‘Möngöl Hörde’ and with support from ‘Riskee and the Ridicule’ (which was missed) and ‘Good Tiger’ (who are ex-The Faceless, ex-Tesseract, ex-The Safety Fire members) this was going to be a show that was not to be missed.

Good Tiger

These guys brought rock/metal and sophisticated vocal lines to the 600 strong crowd who were fixated on the shear brilliance of the off beat drumming and guitar intense playing. Having not listened to much of ‘Good Tiger’ before, this is now a band that I will continue to follow as I was blown away with their professionalism and stage presence.

Möngöl Hörde

The main event. Ben, Matt and Frank arrived from the wings to ‘Hey Judas’ which is basically about The Terminator killing off The Beatles, classic ‘Möngöl Hörde’ right? This set the pace for a fast and energetic show that was ahead of us. The mosh pits where fierce yet ‘no-one-was-a-dickhead’ which meant that everyone could mosh out with ease. With ‘Möngöl Hörde’s debut and only album clocking in at 35 minutes or so we were wondering how they would fill an hour or so headliner slot. To be fair it flew by as the band threw in two covers of Frank and Ben’s old band, ‘Million Dead’. We were also treated to a Hardcode cover of ‘Jailbreak’ and Madonnas ‘Like a Prayer‘ because if you are going to cover some ageing artist, it is going to be ‘Madonna’ right?

With song after song it was very tricky to catch our breathes as the crowd was loving every shout of Mr Turner. He was in the crowd so much that his microphone even packed up. These guys create incredibly heavy music from seemingly comical lyrics (see the setlist and you will see.)

Two new songs were performed and if a new album does materialise from the band then it is going to be heavier than anything they have released before.

The bottom line is, ‘Möngöl Hörde’ are like big foot, seen rarely but when you do see it no one will believe you how good it is until you see it for yourself. So, next time (if there is a next time) go see these chaps as they are incredibly good at what they do.



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