Architects – Alexandra Palace

  • Date – 3rd February 2018
  • Venue – Alexandra Palace London
  • Artist(s) – Architects / While She Sleeps / Counterparts

First off, I want to say that as beautiful as the Alexandra Palace is as a venue it is a right pain in the rear end to get to. This might be down to us booking a hotel in Totteridge and Whetstone. We needed to walk a good mile from our hotel to the overground and then a lovely 1 mile walk up hill to the The People’s Palace. This is of course our own fault and own doing but it did make for an interesting experience none the less.


Counterparts brought their Canadian hardcore punk to London. They pulled a sizeable crowd for the first band on, of course you should always go and see every band on the roster, alas, not everyone does. Fresh off their release of their new album, ‘You’re Not You Anymore’ they are clearly not strangers to playing to a big crowd and they knew how to work it to their advantage. This gave me the first impression of what the rest of the new would bring. The sound in the Ally Pally was loud (duh) and but also clear as crystal, which some venues lack these days. My only qualm about this band was that they demand mosh pits. A bit like Oli Sykes, they were demanding blood and chaos. Now, I am one to partake in pits but when a band starts demanding them to make their show look good, I don’t want to get involved. People will pit if they want, not if they are told. I also abhor the fact that bands demand ‘blood’ because mosh pits are a dangerous place if people use them wrong. If people do not look after each other people get seriously hurt, so encouraging it is a no no in my books. Most bands do a ‘look after people in the pit’ speech. Not these guys. I liked their music, I did not like their pit ethics.

While She Sleeps

This band are such a force to be reckoned with these days. This was the fourth time seeing the band and the Ally Pally was their biggest support slot to date (this could be very wrong). They brought a monster crowd to the 10,000 cap venue. Opening with the title track off their newest album, ‘You Are We’, the floor erupted with pits and shouts for the Sheffield guys. This was a short set but full of energy and played as if they were headlining. This band deserves all of the success that they are currently getting as this show proved that they can draw a large crowd and make it work. They played hit after hit with 100% effort from the start. These guys should play similar sized shows in the near future because it was a lot of fun.


The band we were all here to see. Arriving to the dark stage to a drone of low, gut wrenching bass the opened with ‘A Match Made in Heaven‘ which set the pace for the entire show. Each song was met with much of the same energy. With their light and pyro show complementing the complex drums of Dan Searle, this really was a spectacle. Even being so close to the stage, the show was incredible. Of course, this band is still (and rightfully so) pained with the loss of their guitarist and twin of Dan, Tom Searle. Back in 2016 Tom Searle sadly passed away after a three-year battle with skin cancer. There was multiple moments of heartfelt speeches from front man Sam Carter, thanking the sold out crowd for supporting their band through the hardest times of their lives and careers. They treated us to older songs like ‘Black Blood‘ which the fans were delighted to hear as this had not been played in the UK since 2014. Apart from some minor guitar issues from Josh Middleton (Sylosis front man and now permanent member of Architects) there was no throughout the show. There could be a Live DVD from the show as there was at least 3 or 4 cameras providing footage for the large screens. This could of course be just so people could see the band but it would make sense to document the bands biggest ever headline show. The encore was filled with a touching tribute to Tom Searle, spoken by his twin brother and drummer, Dan. This was tough for the band but it was fitting for the founding member of the band. This show climaxed with ‘Gone With the Wind‘ and a curtain of spark pyrotechnics. Finally, T // S was displayed on the projector as the band took their exit from their stellar performance.

This band are clearly looking forward to their future and will continue to play Toms music to fans as long as they can. They have stated that they will not be planning “a ‘Hollow Crown’ 10th anniversary tour next year” as Dan has said, “We’re looking forwards, not backwards.” Big things are in store for the band over the next few years which is deserved and hopefully more big shows are in the pipeline.



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